Cathy Urwin


Portrait photo of Cathy Urwin smiling

Cathy Urwin was a Trustee of the Mary Kitzinger Trust since its inception in 1985 until she sadly passed away in 2012. Cathy was hugely involved in establishing the aims and objectives of the Trust. A contemporary and colleague of Mary Kitzinger from the time they were doing their MA with John and Elizabeth Newson at Nottingham University, Cathy went on to do her PhD at Cambridge on the development of communication and language in babies with vision impairment.  Cathy and Mary were both keen to promote interaction between psychologists, psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, psychotherapists, paediatricians and teachers.

A consultant psychotherapist and research fellow at the Tavistock Centre, Cathy’s time was much in demand and meetings of Trustees needed to be booked a year in advance to fit in with Cathy’s busy schedule. Her gentle nature coupled with a steely determination, her wry sense of humour and wise counsel will be sorely missed.

The Mary Kitzinger Trust was largely her inspiration and will be a memorial to her.