Past Workshops

May 2023: ‘Play, participation and peers: empowering children with visual impairment’ –  May-2023-presentations

November 2022: ‘Promoting successful futures for young people with visual impairment’ –  November-2022-presentations

October 2021: ‘Impact of COVID-19 on Children and Young People with Visual Impairment and Their Families’ – October-2021-presentations

November 2020: ‘Innovations in Research and Practice in Cerebral Visual Impairment’ – November-2020-presentations

September 2019: ‘How can we make things better for children living with vision impairment – developmental, behavioural and educational interventions’ – Programme of presentations

January 2018: ‘Functional implications of visual impairment and habilitation for children’ – Programme of presentations

June 2017: ‘Needs and support for families of children with visual impairment’ – Programme of presentations

June 2016: ‘Provision and supports for children with VI in England: current practice, challenges and ways forward’ – Programme of presentations

November 2015: ‘Emerging research in the field: Doctoral research projects relevant to childhood VI’ – Programme of presentations

May 2015: ‘Young people with visual impairment: the transition from education to employment’ – Programme of presentations

May 2014: ‘Adult-child interaction: Supporting communication, development and learning in the context of visual impairment’ – Programme of presentations

November 2013: ‘Research in Progress Workshop’ – This workshop involved members presenting and discussing their current research projects.

May 2013: ‘Infant Observation and Research – why it matters? A tribute to Cathy Urwin’ – Programme of presentations

May 2012: ‘Visual impairment and technology – supporting communication, education and activities of daily living’ – Programme of presentations

November 2011: ‘Cognitive and social strengths and weaknesses in children with visual impairment and ideas for intervention’ – Programme of presentations

May 2011: ‘Quality of life and emotional wellbeing of children with visual impairment – Child and parental perceptions of the child’s disability’ – Programme of presentations

November 2010: ‘Recognition and processing of faces and emotions in sighted children: Implications for children with visual impairment’ – Programme of presentations

May 2010: ‘Music and Mind: Insights from individuals with visual impairment, autism and congenital amusia’ – Programme of presentations

November 2009: ‘Children with visual impairment: Learning, literacy and education’ – Programme of presentations

June 2009: ‘Social communication and language in children with visual impairment and typically sighted children’ – Programme of presentations

November 2008: ‘Implementation of the Early Years Developmental Journal for children with visual impairment:  practice and research’ and ‘Autism and visual impairment’ – Programme of presentations