Past conferences

Mary Kitzinger Conference – 6th to 8th July 2006

Theme: ‘Children and young people with visual impairment: Identity, Interaction and Inclusion’

Thursday 6th July 2006:


Mike Tobin

“The Work of MK Trust Workshops”

Kevin Carey

“Visual Impairment and the Creative Process: Proposals for the Digital Age”

Clive Mathews

“Transition and Independence – Between School and Employment”

Sue Howard

“Vision for the Future – Audit of Best Practice”

Jenny Nock

“What do Blind and Sighted Children think about Factors that Affect Vision”

Nicola Ragge

“Developments in the Genetics and Treatment of Anophthalmia”

Friday 7th July 2006:


Naomi Dale & Alison Salt

“Social Identity, Autism and Visual Impairment”

Renate Walthes

“Early Years and the Family”

Linda Pring

“Psychological Characteristics of Children with Visual Impairment: Learning, Memory and Imagery”

Anne Nfstad

“Fundamental Communicative Processes in children with Congenital Dual Sensory Impairment”


  • Working in partnership with parents
  • Using self notification as a way to listen to children
  • Transition and independence
  • Access in information
  • Joint attention and social development
  • Deafblindness and individual learning styles
  • Learning and creativity in a prodigious musical savant
  • Understanding and representation of the spatial environment

Saturday 8th July 2006:


Alan Dyson

“Education Policy and the Future”

Gerry Martis

“Print or Braille – Have we made the Right Choice”

Colette Gray

“The Inclusive Experience: The Story Behind the Rhetoric”

Peter Gray

“National Audit of Support, Services and Provision for Children with Low Incidence Needs”


  • Working in partnership
  • Role of special schools
  • Social inclusion: meeting the socio-emotional needs of children with visual impairment
  • Braille and literacy session

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