The Mary Kitzinger Trust was established with the objective of advancing and furthering education, training and research in the psychology of children with visual and/or other developmental difficulties.

The aim of the Trust is to share research, experience and insights and help stimulate the interchange between research and practice relevant to children with visual impairment.  The trust sponsors bi-annual workshops, which bring together clinicians, educators, academics and other professionals who work with children with visual impairment as well as producing biennial newsletters covering up to date research and practice.  We organise international conferences to draw international researchers and practitioners together on related themes once every five years.

Recent workshops have covered themes in visual impairment including transition, adult-child interaction, quality of life, face and emotion processing, education, technology and infant observation. To see details of upcoming events see our forthcoming workshops page. If you want to be added to our mailing list to hear about future events please email marykitzingertrust@gmail.com.

The Mary Kitzinger Trust was established by the parents of Mary Kitzinger, following her tragically early death on the 7th February 1985 at the age of 35. Mary was an exceptionally gifted child psychologist who worked with children with all kinds of disabilities. She was particularly interested in the young visually impaired child and attained a deep and sensitive understanding of the difficulties faced by such children and their families.

The Mary Kitzinger Trust is a Registered Charity (No. 293473)